We are U designgroup based in Portland Oregon.
We work together with our clients to innovate themselves and their products
through creating meaningful design and iconic brand identities.


Who we are

We are a small team of designers and design directors from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our intention is to collaborate with our clients in order to create iconic and meaningful design solutions.

In order to meet specific project needs, we selectively partner with other experts in research, mechanical engineering and UX.

At U designgroup, true success comes from great collaborations and great partnerships. We learn, study and listen from the very beginning. Together with our clients, we synthesize this information in order to push boundaries and create innovative solutions. The long term partnerships and trust we develop with our clients is what keeps us going.


With more than 30 years of combined experience in design innovation, Ichiang Sun and Joel Swenson aim to create meaningful products through fresh insight and divergent thinking. U designgroup focuses on design innovation connected with brand strategy. We work collaboratively with clients, as one team, to build successful long-term partnerships. 


Our approach

Evolved Intuition
Evolving consumer experiences requires evolved intuition. The creative process is not a rational process, it can’t be. That is why we focus on internalizing the latest design, culture and technology. We work to inspire and inform our intuitive sensibilities to ensure every project breaks new ground.

Design Reality
While we’re idealistic about creative vision, we know products must compete through features, function and price. We have years of experience defining requirements and ensuring products fit manufacturing realities.

We trust our intuition first. But we are quick to acknowledge when we need more information. Consumer ethnography is critical when we have questions about the cultural or functional fit of a concept. The perceptions and opinions of consumers frequently helps us see our ideas from new perspectives.


Our Partners